The Visit

The Park of Villa Albertini is a mid-nineteenth-century romantic park, a work free from the rigid schemes of classic formal gardens, a type of garden in which the feeling of the sublime dominates and in which it is difficult to draw the line between the garden and nature in its wild state. Nature appears in its original state, with steep cliffs, dark grottoes and breathtaking views. 

Man's intervention is apparently limited and the natural environment stimulates the restlessness of emotions. The Park of Villa Albertini has now been restored and returned to the ideal and vision of its creator, Count Carlo degli Albertini, and opened to the public for the first time. After two years of work, the woodland paths are now open to visitors.

Explore the paths in the woods and discover caves, water features, clearings, land art works and enjoy a privileged view of the surrounding landscape and views of the lake.

Centuries-old trees from the original project, self-propagated native species and new plantings combine to create the harmony of the place. The garden is dynamic and in continuous evolution.

Knowledge of a natural place is conveyed through all our senses. Sensory trails, thematic walks, cognitive experiences to participate actively.